With colors and textures that capture the essence of nature’s beauty, the Premiere Collection is comprised of pavers and walls that are crafted to complement each other in order to create stunning outdoor living spaces.

The rich, multi-faceted hues, select pigments and dimensional finishes in the Premiere Collection transform patios, walls, pools, walkways, and kitchens a=into spectacular outdoor destinations.  The Premiere Collection is made up of 5 Paver designs:  Bristols Stone, Bristols Stone Smooth, Chiseled Stone, Devonstone Saw cut and Lastra 20mm Porcelain Tiles.

  • Bristols Stone

    Bristol Stone I and II Sedona; Old Towne Cobble Border Brown; Isokern Fireplace, Cast Veneer Stone Cut Stone Breckenridge; Double Sided Cast Stone Wall Breckenridge with 26” x 26” and 14” Double Sided Devonstone Caps Brownstone

    Bristols Stone Available Sizes and Colors


  • Bristol Stone Smooth 

    Bristol Stone Smooth 16” x 24” Pewter Blend 16, Running Bond Pattern

    Bristol Stone Smooth Available Sizes and Colors


  • Chiseled Stone

    Chiseled Stone Slate Green with Brick Stone Charcoal border; Cast Stone Wall and Face Shells Breckenridge; 26” x 26” and 16” Double Sided Devonstone Caps Bluestone; Fire Pit Kit


    Chiseled Stone Available Sizes and Colors


  • Devonstone Saw Cut

    Devonstone Saw Cut Green Pennsylvania Bluestone, Brownstone and Bluestone

    Devonstone Saw Cut Available Sizes and Colors


  • Lastra 20mm Porcelain Tiles 

    Lastra Rome Gray

    Lastra 20mm Porcelain Tiles Available Colors

    Lastra 20mm Porceelain Tiles Sizes

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